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Century Med Spa

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Century Med Spa is a skin health rejuvenation medical spa that uses ‘skin better science’ to maintain their client’s natural beauty. Their organization leverages precise, nature-oriented and transparent solutions to provide exceptional services in their industry.

Unfortunately, their previous website did not capture the essence of this company. With our UX and web design services, Century Med Spa’s website received a complete makeover. We have addressed critical offsetting points within their old layout to elevate website performance and user engagement.

We also took over their marketing plan to raise brand awareness.

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One of the problematic areas within the old website was its artificial look. The UX design failed to deliver three key factors: aesthetics, navigation, and user-engagement features.

Here is a preview of the main problems:

  • Old website did not highlight the main services or the promotional offers provided by the spa.

  • The low-quality stock images provided an artificial and insincere look.

  • The main team members were not introduced, leading to disengagement. 

  • Overall color scheme looks dull and outdated. 

  • The buttons on the home page were not clickable, which created navigation problems.

  • The lack of an about us page and team introduction felt disengaging. 

  • Important information (i.e. address and timing) was missing on the home page.

  • The services and treatment page looked incomplete.

  • The testimonial section did not look professional.

  • The visual design did not grab attention or add value to their brand.

  • Poorly executed social media activity. 

  • Lack of SEO led to zero Google presence.

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Our team analyzed the UX and web design to list areas of concern. We used that data to recreate new wireframes and better layouts for the client. Our content and social media management team revived their poor performance on social networks.

This lead to:

  • A well-designed website with improved user experience.

  • We created new professional content that showcased the spa and its many facilities.

  • We used real photos to depict treatments and other services.

  • Essential contact details and business hours were placed on the home page for user-friendliness.

  • We upgraded the website by including sections for special offers and discounts.

  • The new about us page features the whole team. 

  • We added intake forms for quick and easy registration before the first session. 

  • All the CTA buttons and other clickable options are responsive.

  • The feedback section looks more organic and professional.

  • We elevated their social media branding by creating a better profile, posting creative content, and choosing customized images. 

  • Our data-driven marketing plan covers a designated period to increase conversion rates and performance. 

  • SEO-friendly web design boosts web presence.

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The new website looks professional, well-designed, and properly structured. Its aesthetic design and customer engagement options are significantly better than the previous website. We have also increased optimization to boost web traffic from search engines.

At present, we are still monitoring web traffic after the client reopened their spa after lockdown. Preliminary results show a vast improvement in lead generation and customer response via website and social media presence.  Our efforts have helped them to secure a spot in the first SERP on Google for keyword related to their town and primary services.  

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