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Elizabeth    Louise    Harpist

Abstract Structure





Elizabeth is a harp teacher. The site looked like it was done in the 90’s and was never updated. There were no picture of Elizabeth, partially visible site of the harp and a lot of unrelated information. 


Originally it was built on Wordpress and Elizabeth would struggle to add or change any features.  We offered her to use more user-friendly constructor site so she would be able to change information anytime and keep her site always updated. 



Her old site was hard to navigate due to the multiple UX issues that mentioned below: 

  • The contrast between the image and the font is weak, the font is hard to read. We don’t get essential information about who Elizabeth was and what she could offer. 

  • When you came to the navigation tag “About”, it would open a new subcategory of “Testimonials” right away, and after clicking, the information will appear below. But if the user is interested to read more about the harpist, he has to click to tag “About” and avoid the appearing subcategory in order to read about Elizabeth’s biography. This definitely makes confusion and most people won’t even find out about this option. The same process exactly repeated with a tag “Harp & Piano Lessons”, which even made a greater difference with the user who wanted to find out about a teacher and lessons. 

  •  Each inner page had a blog widget on the right which is not essential for most of them.

  • Booking page had a lot of text that also included a broken link for if someone wanted to order the service.   

  • If someone wanted to book Elizabeth, instructions were given at the end of the page with “Donate” button. Donate did not mean pay or book. This was a big confusion. 

  • Each page did not have a strong transition and text appears below the navigation ribbon. So the user would not know if they were still on the same page or a new one.

  • In a page titled “Samples” there were a few YouTube videos from Elizabeth’s recording. We would change the entire concept of the page because this was how the user evaluated her ability. Also, when clicking on one video and then another, it would not automatically stop the first one, so both videos will be playing at the same time. 

These were just some of the problems that were determined during the usability tests. 



In order to make the site more user-friendly, we come out with the following changes:


  • Home page (fully redesign). Change the picture, navigation ribbon.

  • “About” section – add bio and pictures. Change “testimonials” section.

  • Booking – redesign, change a payment option, help with booking process.

  • Samples – rename and change the content with new videos. She sells her music, so add this option here. 

  • Harp&Piano Lessons – add information about online class, add video with existing students, reorganize the information about lessons that I described above

  • Change FAQ’s section

  • Sheet Music – redesign of selling music sheets.

  • Contact – redesign 


Overall added more photos, took the blog section away and provided information about using the harp. We also enabled the page to put up more content on Elizabeth’s social media. 

We also conducted a new UX research to test all the features. 



We completely changed the website structure and add a professional content of videos and pictures. 

Elizabeth was able easily to update any new videos on her website, add music sheets and arrangements. Rebuilding the site was the only initial start of her transformation as a harp teacher. We helped her to arrange a home studio with white background, lights to record new videos for her website. 


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