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Natalia Naila

Parallel Lines




Natalia is a celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. She had multiple websites representing the various areas of her expertise. For her clothing collection, she first registered on Shopify and used the Icon theme to build her initial website.


The subsequent problems led her to us for a debugging project that soon became a full-fledged revamp.



  • Many key features of successful e-commerce stores were absent from the theme used on Shopify

  • Her work was distributed on multiple websites, which made it difficult to manage and provide better user experience

  • The mobile version of the website was not responsive and text, buttons and images were overlaid


 A single website was planned with all of Natalia’s product lines available for sale in one place
Created new pages and tested them by means of prototyping.


These included:
   o Stylist Services
   o Online Services
   o VIP Services
   o Pregnancy Stylist Services

Developed a new strategy for the testimonials area with real examples of her work and some case studies
Developed a fully responsive mobile version of the website and equipped it with useful features



  • The resulting website looked professional, well-planned, and neat with every component in its place and important optimization features in place in the architecture

  • All produce lines of the brand Natalia Naila are now available on one platform

  • The new, comprehensive website has increased Natalia’s overall traffic by 45%


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