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How to Create An Online Course In 2019

planning an online course
planning an online course

If you have a skill or talent you’re passionate about, you may want to create an online course to share it with the world. Here’s how you create an online course in 2019.

Come Up with an Idea for the Course

This can be as easy as deciding on a topic you’re passionate about. But it’s smarter to do your research – what is it that audiences want from online courses? Is there a gap in the market that you can bridge? Do a small survey on your audience so you have an idea about what they’re looking for. Make sure the idea you come up with is one you’re passionate about, and that it has profit potential!

Plan Out Your Course Content

The first thing you need to do here is to outline the outcomes – what end results do you want your audience to reach? Work backwards from there by breaking down those components into their component parts. Once you’ve figured out what information your online courses will contain, you can decide how to teach your lessons.

At this point, you’ll decide on what media format you’ll use – there’s video, audio, text and visuals, although most online courses will use some sort of combination of these. We recommend using at least some video for engagement!

Create Incredible Course Content

No matter what media format you’ve chosen, it’s vital that your content be engaging, informational, and provide new points of view for the audience to consider. Take the time to make interesting content, and avoid generic suggestions or advice at all points.

Name and Price the Course

The heavy lifting is done by this time, but the job’s far from over! Now that you have a completed course on your hands, you need to name it. Naming is a crucial part of the process – the course name will be the first time anyone engages with your material, and you need to ensure it piques audiences’ curiosity. Your name should be specific, results-oriented, and aimed at the sort of audience you wish to target.

Price the course according to your goals. If you wish to reach the largest number of people possible, offer it for free. If you’re looking to make the highest sales, price competitively so more people will buy it.

If you want to earn high revenues, you can charge a high price.

Market and Sell the Course

Most creators will either sell their courses through a product launch (which is a one-time sale typically lasting anywhere between a week or month), or through evergreen sales (where the content is available for purchase at all times.)

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your course. Build an email list with the goal of converting email subscribers into students. Finally, write an online sales page that effectively converts visitors into audiences.

And there you have it! Follow this guide to successfully create an online course in 2019. If you want to learn more about online course creation, contact me.


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