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Rullex is a Pennsylvanian telecommunications company that serves across 20 states and collaborates with international brands. Its network and connectivity services provide diverse opportunities for clients.  We support their endeavors by developing a branding strategy that reflects these benefits and corporate value.

Have a look at our brand strategy:

Rullex deals with a diverse clientele and also uses its social media page as a recruiting channel. Balancing both objectives is tricky. That is why their previous brand strategies left room for improvement.

The main problems included:


  • Lack of customer representation and benefits of services on the profile.

  • They did not focus much on the many products they offer.

  • Too many corporate centric photographs.

  • There was no set schedule to post the content, resulting in prolonged gaps between posts.

  • Some social media images did not have the logo or signature template design. 

  • Minimal video posts made the page static. 

In short, the Instagram page failed to unleash and portray Rullex’s potential.





Our brand strategies integrate high-value content with a memorable visual representation. Blending both concepts paves the way for better engagement and higher conversion rates. 

Effective changes feature:

  • We increased social activity by sharing consistent updates and posts.

  • Our creative team created professional corporate videos to highlight the client’s extensive telecommunication network.

  • We ensure that clients, corporate workers, and potential candidates receive valuable information whenever they scroll down their Instagram page.

  • We create content designed to resonate with the target audience (e.g. work from home or online school sessions).

  • Intermixing vectors, graphics, and real-life images to improve aesthetics. 

  • Ensuring the brand value and company culture receive equal coverage.


On the whole, our branding strategies align different goals within the same platform. We also elevated engagement by providing industry-based facts and details. 

x1.5 in followers

x2 in reach

x3 in saving and resharing


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