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Slava's Freedom Fitness



Slava's Freedom Fitness offers diverse workout solutions for their clients. With Vili Business Lab, their objective was to redesign the website, build a new business plan, update their social media, and create new photo and video content.


  • Old website did not provide full list of offers, like special training events or group fitness programs. 

  • Information on the website was abrupt and disjointed

  • Most pictures were of poor quality

  • Some buttons were not clickable 

  • “What we offer” was confusing. It almost looked like an FAQs page. 

  • Wording and spelling needed corrections. 

  • Contact us – twice? One in the body; another in the footer

  • Social media was poorly presented

  • No Google presence



  • Created new website 

  • Created new professional content, including text, pictures and promotional video

  • Added intake forms for clients to fill up and print before the session

  • Described each service that they offer

  • Added a “book online” feature

  • Updated the gallery section

  • Updated Facebook and Instagram

  • Created a new networking group

  • Added SEO 

  • Added business to Google Maps 

  • Created a new marketing plan for 3-, 6-, and 12-month periods



Updated website instantly created a new traffic stream for the client and brought new customers
Social media account increased the following base by 400%
Appearance on Google earned more creditability and client base


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