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Young Business Club is the first international club for young self-made entrepreneurs in New York. It serves as a meeting ground for these professionals. A place to network, engage and socialize in various settings. Promoting to a target audience like this requires an impactful brand image.
We did this by tweaking their branding strategies to create cohesiveness across all platforms. Adding to this were social media marketing tactics that got the ball rolling.

Here is a preview of how far we have come:

YBC’s mission and brand values set the stage for an exciting opportunity for young professionals. Their
social media page felt underwhelming in comparison. It also failed to capture attention and attract
quality leads.

Primary problems included:


  • Non-English captions meant that they were excluding a significant portion of NY-based entrepreneurs. 

  • Most of the posts covered formal settings and that limited brand appeal.

  • Visual brand design elements (i.e. custom brand logo and color palette) were missing.

  • The social media content did not share updates about club activities and events.

As a result, their Instagram pages beat the purpose of coming online and socializing with potential club members. 




Our in-house brand experts and social media experts reconstructed their online image via advanced branding strategies. We wanted to breathe life into this lackluster virtual space.


Our creative team achieved this feat by:

  • Developing a custom brand design palette and logo to make content recognizable.

  • The media page posts a varied range of quotes, videos, professional photographs for visual and auditory appeal.

  • We share social media marketing content in English. Using a universal language increases the chances of client acquisition.

  • We started introducing club members to cultivate deeper connections and endorse their businesses too.

  • We highlight casual hangouts to showcase the club’s work-life balance philosophy.

  • Using a variety of content formats keeps the marketing material fresh.

  • We share real-time updates to maximize engagement and showcase membership benefits. 


Preliminary results reveal a boost in brand value and social media numbers. We also observed a higher online engagement.

x2 in followers

x4 in reach

x4.5 in saving and resharing


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