Zusin Daycare

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Zusin Family Daycare is a Brooklyn-based daycare service. They have over ten centers operating in the area. Each child-safe facility has a designated number of certified caregivers onsite. They also offer a comprehensive program that features everything from educational curriculum, outdoor play area, healthy meal plans to interactive activities, etc.

However, they didn’t think that their original website has an impact on their conversion rate. It also lacked structure and presentation elements that could impress parents/guardians. It is why they decided to change this hire our expert UX and Web design team to help them.

Our team has been working diligently on this project for weeks. We launched it tentatively to maintain the clients’ virtual web presence during the lockdown.


As a website for a fun daycare center, the original version felt incomplete and outdated. Its web content was too lengthy and did not have the right tone. Also, the generic template gave it a clinical and detached vibe.
We felt that these online images would not resonate with parents who wanted to choose the best daycare in the area.  We felt that these online image would not resonate with parents who wanted to choose the best daycare in the area.  
Here is a preview of the areas of concern on the old website:

  • Its home page is dull and boring, which sets the tone for the rest of the website. 

  • They have some in-house imagery available, but they don’t utilize it properly.

  • Their home page was haphazard as it did not cover much. 

  • The website is responsive, but their navigation features are outdated.

  • None of the team members are mentioned in the about us page. It was a cause for concern because it doesn’t cultivate the trust their business needs to push conversion rates. 

  • There are no dynamic elements or visual stimulators that could pique the web visitor’s interest.

  • Poor SEO performance and non-existent Google presence.

  • No feedback or testimonial section.

  • They mentioned Procare many times without explaining how the software works.



We started by building new wireframes and themes to working on promotional content to improve their branding and website performance. These details enhanced its layout and highlighted their outstanding services. This resulted in an aesthetically-appealing and informative website that portrayed how professional, careful, and cooperative the staff was. 

New features include:

  • The new website aligns with the client thoughtful and child-oriented brand image.

  • Our content creators ensured that the written content was brief yet informative. 

  • Design upgrades include cute illustrations and a soft, friendly aesthetic.

  • We uploaded new photos and video content to create virtual tours for parents. It helped boost the client’s online presence when the daycare was closed. 

  • The home page layout comprises of various categories to highlight the many services the client offered.

  • We include a tasty menu section to promote the client’s healthy meal plans designed for little ones.

  • The about page provides equal coverage to services and the caregivers.

  • We included authentic certification and licenses to improve credibility. 

  •  The website also features admission form, payment policy and FAQ page.

  • Parents are provided with a short overview of the educational curriculum and age-based activities. 

  • We made sure that the benefits of Procare were highlighted to show how parents would be notified about their child’s activities in real-time.

  • We added a feedback section to show our client’s well-rated work. 

  • Additional safety updates are added to address COVID-19 prevention protocols.  

  • A live chatbot takes their online customer service up a notch.



We completely changed the website structure and add a professional content of videos and pictures. 

Elizabeth was able easily to update any new videos on her website, add music sheets and arrangements. Rebuilding the site was the only initial start of her transformation as a harp teacher. We helped her to arrange a home studio with white background, lights to record new videos for her website. Currently we are working on creating a Harp Academy, online harp school for children and adults of any levels.