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Why do you need an editorial calendar?

editorial calendar

Think about creating an editorial calendar for efficiency and structure throughout your content marketing campaign. Before you begin work on content creation, you should have a detailed content calendar that manages and organizes content creation and sharing. This calendar reflects how content is to be distributed across different marketing channels. It also shows which team member is responsible for a particular role.

Effectively, the editorial calendar is a guide that helps your team produce content relevant to your content strategy. It gives you an idea about how long it will take the team to produce a piece of content. Without the editorial calendar, it becomes far harder to recognize gaps in your strategy. A well-organized calendar should be able to identify these, which helps you figure out how to close them.

editorial calendar
Sample of editorial calendar

The editorial calendar gains in significance if you have multiple specialists on your team, like a content writer, an SEO specialist, a graphic designer and an editor. The calendar helps the agency coordinate the work of all these content creators, thus enabling a seamless process.

Here are some websites where you can make an editorial calendar:

Or you can use an Excel sheet to create your own template. Use these 9 free samples to get inspired.

Still have concerns how to create an editorial calendar? Let me know if you’d like help!


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